Great Dog Parks in the Denver Area

What are your plans for the weekend? Will you be traveling out of town to spend time with your family and loved ones, or will you be staying in town this year? If you’re staying home, are you planning to spend some quality time with your pet this weekend?

There are a number of great dog parks in the Denver area. These are the perfect places to take your dog and spend a fun-filled day outdoors. The next time you’re looking for an excellent place to play with your four-legged friend, make sure you visit one of these local parks we’ve listed below!

Source: Yelp
Name: Stapleton Dog Park
Location: Montview Blvd and Syracuse St Denver, CO 80238
Reviews: 27

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My dog and I LOVE this dog park. The sand is great, it wears the dogs out faster, and even when it’s wet, it doesn’t turn to mud. Sand brushes off fur much…Read More

I like this dog park, I like the sand, I like the people and the dogs. It just works for me and my mutt. The sand is way better than mud and the people…Read More

Source: Yelp
Name: Chatfield State Park
Location: 11500 N Roxborough Park Rd Littleton, CO 80125
Reviews: 13

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Great place to learn (or to teach) kayaking and other great water activities.Read More

Not bad as far as state parks near Denver go. 8 bucks gets you a lot of activity options. I was here Sunday for a family reunion. We reserved a covered…Read More

Ina and I have a fun time at the beach area here, the sand was very hot but it almost felt like you were not landlocked. 8 bucks per car, and there is all…Read More

Source: Yelp
Name: Wynetka Ponds Park
Location: 5801 S Lowell Blvd Littleton, CO 80123
Reviews: 3

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This is one of those good calls on a warm Saturday. There was not a frown in the house. It felt like there was 100 dogs there but in realty there must have…Read More

I tend to be an overprotective dog-mom at dog parks, mostly because I know that if the pup crowd is small Fur Face is bound to pick a fight with someone….Read More

Very nice park for pups.

When we were visiting family in Colorado, we took all the pups here and even though the cold was biting, the dogs had a blast. We…Read More

Source: Yelp
Name: Cheesman Park
Location: Franklin St & 8th St Denver, CO 80206
Reviews: 53

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Went for a run here with a group of friends the other day. It’s located right by the Botanical Gardens, and is a very pretty park overall. I’m told it used…Read More

Great park in the heart of the city, beautiful and well maintained as well as a very interesting history. The police man doesn’t really bother you for…Read More

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